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Rewire your brain for success and remove your limitations

How does the Havening Techniques work?

Have you ever reflected back on a memory only to find your whole body can feel the emotion become activated? as if it is happening all over again in this very moment? That is because our body is an elctro-chemical system which records every single event that happens to us.  Why? Simple, its only purpose is to keep you alive.  How does it keep you alive? by storing anything you perceived in that moment to be threatening and then searching through the senses for anything that even slightly resembles the same event in your now moment.  So what Havening allows us to do is to go back to these moments in time and release the emotional content , which has been chemically encoded in your physiology, so that your brain releases the charge connected to the memory.  Therefore as we permanently remove the neural-pathway connections, your brain no longer needs to hold onto any data in connection to it for e.g any 'triggers' (that previously would have given you anxiety/panic) they will no longer fill your body with the warning signal (fight/flight/freeze) as your brain accepts that you are no-longer in that perceived 'danger'.


What does a Havening session invlove?

A Havening session is a very gentle process, each individual has encountered many trials throughout their lives- some more than others.  That is why we start this Havening healing journey at a very uniquely tailored pace to fit the individual.  I work to clear any emotional trauma that my client may have encountered throughout their life before then building resilience and working on helping them to purposefully sculpt their chosen neurology depending on what they would like to embody.  If you would like to book a free ten minute zoom consultation please get in touch to see if this is the right fit for you.

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Explore The limitless Possibilities

PSYCH-K is a very simple and beautiful process which will instantly help you both identify and then transform all that is limiting you, in terms of your subconscious beliefs!  What PSYCH-K can help you with:





Career development and satisfaction


so much more! IF you are interested in a session email me or contact me for a free online consultation.

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Winter Solstice Workshop
Winter Solstice Workshop
21 Dec 2023, 19:00 – 21:00
Back in Control Cookstown
3a Killycolp Road, Garden World Complex, Cookstown BT80 9AD, UK

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